Fees for Brands:

Here are the licensing fees for use of the award logos represented by Source Interlink Media:
  • Licensing fees permit use of the logo for one year and must be paid annually for continued use.
  • Definitive dates determining one year of use will be outlined in a purchase agreement.
  • Licensing fees are net flat fees based on usage type.
  • All logos carry individual licensing fees. See below for logo pricing.

  • Website / Social Media $2,500
    • Single website
    • Social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Unlimited Digital $6,500
    • Multiple URL’s
    • Banners
    • Email blasts
    • Social media Sites
    • Partner-retailer sites
    • Web-based media
  • Unlimited Print $6,500
    • POS material
    • Sales collateral
    • Print ads
    • Show material
  • Unlimited Digital/Print $12,000
    • Includes everything in the Unlimited Digital Package
    • Includes everything in the Unlimited Print Package
  • All Media $20,000
    • Includes everything in the Unlimited Digital/Print Package
    • TV
    • Radio
  • Product Packaging
    • Up to 500 thousand units                                     $5,000
    • Up to 1 million units                                             $10,000
    • Over 1 million units                                              $15,000

  • No Charge
    • For Print and Digital placed in Sound and Vision, Audio Stream, Innerfidelity or Analogplanet

  • Logos expire after three years from the time they are awarded. (Please note that licensing is granted and fees are paid on an annual basis.)
  • On the dates the logos expire, logo artwork is no longer available for licensing. If a logo's expiration date falls during a brand's one-year term, the brand may continue to use the seal until the term end date listed on the brand's Purchase Agreement.